Franklin Music Boosters Fundraising Drives

2023 - 2024 Fundraising Drives

This is our largest fundraiser this year and our music students will help sell Calendar Raffles in January The raffle will give away over $1,000 as well as many gift cards from our generous business supporters in our community. Each day in February a raffle winner will be announced. We can't wait to see how much our students can help us raise this year!
Heading into our concert season, Franklin Music Boosters offers local organizations, businesses and families the chance to support Franklin's music program. Their support is captured in our Ad Book that we make available at each middle school and high school performance for our audiences to know our communities involvement and be encouraged to patron them. Our community helps raise almost $5,000 for our music program.
Each February our jazz ensembles from Franklin's middle schools and high school come together for one evening to celebrate jazz. The atmosphere has candle lit tables with lovely finger desserts for you to enjoy as you sit back and enjoy the performances.
At each FHS home game our FHS Pep Band bring spirit and enthusiasm to the competition. Franklin Music Boosters will be at the gate to give patrons an opportunity to support our music programs with a chance to win the 50/50 raffle.
The Franklin Music Boosters coordinates bake sales, raffles and music spirit merchandise sales at each of our middle school and high school concerts. All of these proceeds go directly to the Music Boosters. In the past, we have been able to raise over $4,000 annually thanks to our audience's generosity.
One fundraising effort Franklin Music Boosters coordinates is to give money directly to our music teachers to spend as needed during the school year purchasing directly from David French. David French invites us to be their "extra hands" during their busy time each September helping at area schools during instrument rental nights. For each adult from Franklin that can help, David French places $75 in an account for our teachers. In past years, we have raised over $1,500 annually for our music classrooms!

The money earned can be used to replace mouthpieces, strings, reeds, repair parts, purchase music, instruments, microphones or other equipment - the list can go on for the many items that will enhance your student's learning experience!
Franklin has again been invited to host the performance for the Junior CDMMEA Districts at the FHS auditorium Spring 2022. Franklin Music Boosters will offer for purchase snacks, beverages, breakfast and lunches for the many students that will be rehearsing all day leading up to their performances in the afternoon. We are thrilled to have the district use our new facility and look forward the fundraising opportunity that will benefit our music program.